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Individual Counselling In Nature

You're in the right place. Let's connect in Nature ~ Walking at Neck Point or Pipers Lagoon ~

  • 1 hour
  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • In Nature in Nanaimo BC

There has been a lot of research to support therapy while walking and the multiple benefits of doing both simultaneously. In addition, in our work as mothers, sometimes childcare is challenging, so being able to bring a stroller or carrier with babe may make counselling more accessible. Individual counselling is a collaborative process between counsellor and client that aims at facilitating change and improving your quality of life. Counselling can help individuals confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being and can increase feelings of love, compassion, courage and peace while minimizing negative emotions that stifle personal and relational success. Many people find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware, and they may pursue ongoing counselling as a means of healing, empowerment and self-growth. As your counsellor, it is my mission to create a safe place for you to voice your deepest struggles and concerns. I will be a compassionate presence and guide to you on your journey to freedom and greater fulfillment in life. I will help you identify underlying causes of the symptoms plaguing you and provide strategies and techniques for altering unwanted thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Through our time together you will gather tools to manage symptoms, alleviate stress, enhance relationships and overcome life’s challenges. I am honoured to work with you, honoured to truly see you, honoured to serve as a guide to realizing your true potential and your true desires.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, please contact us.

  • In Nature in Nanaiom BC


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