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Counselling for motherhood.

You're in the right place.

exhale. heal. grow.

specializing in

~ the transition into parenthood

~ loss of identity/feeling unfamiliar with yourself

~ changes in your relationships

~ managing life stress and family dynamics

~ pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, rage and mood changes

~ parental burnout, fatigue, depletion, and resentment

What You'll Find Here

 A safe, compassionate place where you can share your deepest thoughts and the heaviness of your struggles... 

A place where you'll have a guide, to bring you back to yourself and to hold space to allow you to journey deeper, offering room to find growth & healing...

A place to exhale. To heal. To grow...

A place to let go of what no longer serves you...

A place to wake up to the essence of who you are...

Welcome. You're in the right place...