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Counselling for motherhood.

You're in the right place.

exhale. heal. grow.

specializing in

~ the transition into parenthood

~ loss of identity/feeling unfamiliar with yourself

~ changes in your relationships

~ managing life stress and family dynamics

~ pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, rage and mood changes

~ parental burnout, fatigue, depletion, and resentment

What You'll Find Here

 A safe, compassionate place where you can share your deepest thoughts and the heaviness of your struggles... 

A place where you'll have a guide, to bring you back to yourself and to hold space to allow you to journey deeper, offering room to find growth & healing...

A place to exhale. To heal. To grow...

A place to let go of what no longer serves you...

A place to wake up to the essence of who you are...

Welcome. You're in the right place...

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"Without darkness we wouldn't be
able to see the light."


phone/text ~ 250-327-1688

Thanks for connecting!



I'm Meghan, a counsellor, a yoga teacher, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, but most of all, an advocate for encouraging people to come back into connection with themselves.

With a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from UVIC, I spent over a decade as a counsellor specializing in supporting families and women. I loved it - to really SEE women, in their darkness, in their pain, in their openness to shift, to rewrite old stories, to DECIDE who they are now and who they want to be…it is such a privilege to witness. 


My journey into motherhood was marked by profound losses that hurled me into a vortex of grief and survival stress. As we prepared to embrace parenthood, the health of my mom, dad, and mother-in-law declined rapidly, each succumbing to their illnesses within a span of 18 months. It felt like this chapter of life was determined to break me apart and pull me off the grid. In the midst of this turmoil, I yearned for inner connection and peace—a deeper solace to navigate the complexities of our life circumstances. Alongside counselling, I explored various healing modalities and embarked in a Yoga Teacher Training, desperately seeking balance, ease, and relief from suffering.


Balancing these losses with raising my little ones, especially my highly sensitive (HSP) firstborn, became a monumental challenge. Separating out grief from parenting toddlers/babies and being sleep deprived while also feeling alone and isolated was intense. Add to that parenting an HSP, which looked like BIG feelings, extra long tantrums, sensitivity to many things and an overall more porous little guy – which resulted in a very activated mama. I found I was able to stay calm and present for the first 20 minutes of a tantrum/blow up/big feeling, but then I would become reactive and activated. This prompted me to explore highly sensitive kids (or deeply feeling kids) and how the nervous system works, both in supporting my child but also in supporting myself. Through this exploration, I learned that I, too, was highly sensitive, which not only deepens my understanding of the challenges individuals with heightened sensitivity face but also informs my approach to therapy. Recognizing the nuances of sensitivity, I tailor my methods to create a safe and empathetic space for those who, like me and my son, navigate the world with heightened awareness and responsiveness. Alongside this, understanding and befriending the biological system (nervous system) that runs our daily life has been life-giving. We all have a nervous system, and gaining context around WHY it behaves the way it does builds up so much understanding, compassion and inherent knowledge that our system is working for us, not against us and how, when we can come into relationship WITH our nervous system, we can live a much more easeful life. 


Now that my children are in school, I have re-entered the counselling world renewed and from a healed space. I specialize in the transition into motherhood, loss of identity or feeling unfamiliar with yourself, changes in your relationships, managing life stress and family dynamics, pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, rage and mood changes, parental burnout, fatigue, depletion, and resentment. I offer a holistic approach to therapy that integrates somatic awareness, nervous system-informed techniques, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and narrative therapy. This combination allows us to explore the mind-body connection, understand the impact of past experiences on our present, and harness the power of our inner self to create positive change. I am currently working through my Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and continue to immerse myself in professional development to stay current and grow in my skills. 


I teach Prenatal Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga, as I believe that we need additional support, community, and connection at these life stages. I love to bring mama’s together to create that feeling of being seen, of knowing they are not alone and that they have a tribe cheering them on. 


I am honoured to work with you, truly see you, and serve as a guide to realizing your true potential and desires. I get to support women from all walks of life and at all life stages. Whether you’re struggling as a mama, or in your relationships, or looking for your purpose outside of motherhood, I’m here for it all.


Let’s begin the journey…

location ~ local to Nanaimo BC and

available World Wide Virtually

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